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Poker: Beat the Opponent Heads-up

Heads-up poker is a one-on-one play. One poker player even described it as a game of tennis where opposing players serve and return. It has also been said to be a hard game; even experienced players were observed to be sloppy when playing heads-up poker. This is the type of game where champions are chosen and if you are up to it read on.

Please remember that in heads-up poker, the value of each hand is tremendously important. And in heads-up, particularly, their values are not the same as in other poker games with more players. If you want to check out the percentage of win to loss of certain hands, you may try the heads-up calculators online. From the head-up calculator you will know how an ace and deuce can provide good results in heads-up matches. When you know how each hand has a new value in heads-up then you can exploit that information in your game and hopefully win the pot.

Playing heads-ups poker is the time to be aggressive. Use it properly when the odds are sweeping in your favor and to bounce back your opponent's aggression to them.

If heads-up poker were like tennis, one strategy to winning is making big swings: give high bets. That would give your opponent the sign they are not welcome in the game. Unless your opponent has a good hand, then they will swing back forcefully at you too.

Later in the game when you have shown enough aggression, betting all-in should be no surprise to the opponent. But make sure when you bet all-in you are not too obvious you have the nuts (holding the highest possible hand) for if the opponent knows, he might just fold. Yes, you won the pot but it would have been better if the opponent placed more money into it.

During pre-flop when you hold a strong hand or you are holding either an ace or king, do not be afraid to raise. If the flop is in your favor, you are sure to win the pot. Well, if the flop does fit with your hand, there is still the turn and the river. You are off to a good start so do not be afraid.

If you hold middle pair in heads-up poker, no need to check just because they are not strong cards in a full poker table. Middle pairs are actually precious in a heads-up game. If you hit the flop and your opponent missed, you are in the lead.

So when playing heads-up poker, do not forget to be aggressive and bet all-in if you have the nuts but do not be too obvious. Familiarize yourself on the win/loss percentage of each hand with a heads-up calculator online. And be hopeful when you have a middle pair.