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The Anthem of Playing Poker

Today, it is undeniable that the rise of online gambling paved the way for the great advancement of poker game into popularity. Online gaming has introduced effectively the game and people are getting more a nd more interested in playing poker at the internet.

Some poker analysts sees media as a venue that gives the game of poker a different impression. Thru their poker shows, playing the game of poker appears to be an spectator sport. The World Series Poker and the World Poker Tour have given birth to a more exciting broadcast of action and drama of a poker game. Millions of poker aficionados around the world are interested on such poker shows. Professional poker players of the show become instant celebrities in their own right via cable and satellite tv.

For this reason, many people from around the globe are getting interested in playing poker, and it will be here for about a decade or more so. Playing online poker is now a house hold game, and lots of online poker tournament can be found on the internet. Great comfort recently which was brought about by online gaming tremendously increase the population of people playing poker.

As a proof of the tremendous success of playing poker online, there are some major poker tournaments online that introduce the online sattelite qualifier games to practically increase the base of poker players. Winners from this qualifying round will earn a seat in the major tournament. The winners from the 2003 and 2004 WSP tournaments respectively Cris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer made their way to this world tournament thru the satellites.

Playing poker both online and offline is exactly the same in their rules and principles. Poker types such as the Texas Holdem , Stud, and Draw poker carries the same rules in playing. Some traditional poker players think that playing offline poker is more exciting, because it is live and you are able to face your opponents in flesh and blood. With this, you are able to see your opponent 'Tells" if he is trembling whenever he has a big hand or if he twitched his nose after bluffing. You can precisely watch each other's move, hence you may arrive at a more precise decisions, too, just like the pros are doing.

Obviously, you cannot experience this when you are playing poker online. In online poker you are virtually facing an imaginary opponent thru the computer screen. Actually you are on your own alone and your opponents are generated by the computer. You will not see each other live. You just watch their bets and guess on their hands by their betting patterns.

On the other hand, in some other aspects, playing online poker has the greater edge. First of the advantages in playing poker online is that you are able to save more money and effort as ther is no better comfort that to play at home. Plus the fact that the computer serves as your gambling casino, which means that you are free to do anything and your playing time is unlimited and unrestricted.