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Video Poker Fact and Fiction

Gambling fallacies abound. If you play video poker, you no doubt have heard at least some misconceptions about superstitions about video poker. Get the facts straight and read on.

Video Poker Fiction (Myths)

- Using coins instead of bills will give you better chances of winning.

This isn't true at all. The part of a video poker machine that decides which cards are dealt knows nothing about how you insert money in the machine. How you put money in there, and for that matter how much, does nothing to influence your chances of winning.

- Video poker machines with higher denomination bets are looser than low denomination ones.

That may be true for slot machines, but video poker games don't work the way slots do. Casinos can change the odds of a slot game by adjusting the number of symbols in the reels, so they can make dollar slots looser than nickel slots. But in video poker it is always a deck of 52 cards used or whatever is required for a particular game. This makes the probability of each hand the same. The only way the payback percentage (which is the measure of the relative looseness or tightness of a machine) can be changed is by adjusting the pay table.

- Video poker will make a player win every time when it is played with perfect strategy.

A good strategy will make you a winner after a while, but it won't happen every time. You get paid mostly on royal flushes and/or for of a kinds. Until you hit those hands, you will probably be a loser. That's what video poker strategies are for: to make sure you lose as little money as possible while waiting for the big paying hands. So when they do occur, you make a profit instead of just breaking even (or not even breaking even).

- A video poker machine is due to pay when it hasn't paid out the jackpot in a long time.

No. Because the random number generator creates new hands all the time, the jackpot actually occurs *all* the time. Even when the video poker machine is idle! What makes a player win the jackpot is when they click on the deal button just at the precise moment a jackpot has been generated by the RNG. So hitting the jackpot isn't a matter of time; it's a matter of timing.

- Using a slot card will decrease your chances of winning.

No, the slot card has nothing to do with your winning or losing. It's there only so the casino can track your activities. The casino will pay those who play often enough as a way of rewarding them and to keep them coming back. If they used cards to keep people from winning, no one would play in their houses and they'd lose money.

If anything, you should join a slot club for the comps and cashbacks. If you count the comps and cashbacks together with the payback percentage you get, you may get a return of over 100% even if what you pay isn't Deuces Wild or some other loose game. You should use slot cards whenever possible.